International Kung Fu Federation (IKF), World Kickboxing and Karate Association (WKA) and International Combat Organization (ICO) are proud to announce


2,3,4 November in Rome, Italy in coordination with Sports Association of Italy (ASI) affiliated to CONI



Kung Fu Light Sanda
Kung Fu Full / Sanda
Kung Fu Extra
Taolu / Forms
Wing Chun
Hung Gar
Choy Li Fut
Jeet Kune Do
Southern and Nothern Shaolin
Kung Fu ToA
Tai Chi
Tui Shou / Push Hands
Xing Yu
Chi Sao
And much more…!











Event Name: World Open Championships 2018
Organizers: International Kung Fu Federation (IKF), World Kickboxing & Karate Association (WKA), International Combat Organization (ICO) in coordination with Sports Association of Italy (ASI)
Date: 2,3,4 November 2018
Venue: Danilo Boxing Sports Hall
Address: Via Quarto Negroni Number 20, Ariccia - Province in Rome, Italy

It is important that the booking is made from the WKA bank account. Anybody booking themselves will have to pay an additional €150 registration fee and to make there own transport arrangements.

Hotel name and address: 1) Park Hotel Villamaria. Address: Via del Mare, 263 Pavona, 2) Hotel Villa Altieri. Address: Via Appia Nuova, 1-00041 Albano Laziale
FEE: €300 per person in double room (4 nights, breakfast and hotel venue transportation included)
€250 per person in triple room (4 nights, breakfast and hotel venue transportation included)
€225 per person in quadruple room (4 nights breakfast and hotel venue transportation included)

If you require a visa you must turn to the appropriate Italian embassy or consulate in your country. Fill out VISA Request Form and send via e-mail to It is the delegation’s responsibility to request visas in time. September 1st is the absolute cutoff date for visa applications. Applications must be done in time. Remind to download and submit official invitation letters to the embassy from ASI and IKF which are availabe on the right panel of this page.

It is important that all who compete has an approval note from their doctor otherwise they will have to pay for a medical examination in Italy. They also need to have there own insurance covering any medical attention they need. This is Italian Law!

For registration fill out and send Entry Form via e-mail to  September 1st is the deadline. No registration will be accepted after this time.

It is strictly forbidden to take any illegal stimulants that are against the rules of the IKF Anti-Doping Regulations. IKF will have anti-doping tests on randomly chosen participants.

Participating countries must bring 2 flags, size 90 x 130 cm and a CD/pendrive/portable drive with their National Anthem to be handed in at the registration and will be returned to each participating countries after the competition.

Competition Schedule
Official partners: WKA, ICO & ASI
Competition Results
Photo and Video Gallery















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